Sunday, June 2, 2013

Gogol Bordello - Wonderlust King

"I stay on the run
 Let me out
 Let me be gone
 In the world's beat up road sign
 I saw new history of time...
 New history of time..

 I traveled the world
 Looking for understanding
 Of the times that we live in
 Hunting and gathering first hand information
 Challenging definitions of sin

 I traveled the world
 Looking for lovers
 Of the ultimate beauty
 But never settled in
 I'm Wonderlust King!

 And presidents
 And billionaires
 And generals
 They'll never know
 What I have owned!
 What I have owned...
 I'm a wonderlust king!"

-Gogol Bordello

*Gogol Bordello is one of my most favorite band. They are just hillarious and talented. Wonderlust King is amongst the many songs that inspired me to travel. I love this videoclip mainly because of the maps. Hope it suits your ears too :-)

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