Monday, August 16, 2010

Old school: Yeah, thats me!

(pic credit to srivyal wordpress)

Yep, I love snail mails.
I like the feeling of writing a letter to somebody far away,
Knowing that your letters are travelling to far far away places,
And when it reached the destination,
You'll be so relieved when you know that your so small letters travelled a thousand miles and arrived safely ;-))
Plus, the happiness that you feel when you find letters in your postbox.
Most of the time, it made my days..

So, wayy to go snail mails!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Fav BookHouses

Books from Book Depository

Books from Kinokuniya

Books from Amazon.ok

Bookalicious, Summit USJ

I love books and love reading it. Like all the time, all the time..

I still remember, my fisrt bookshop would be the Pustaka Saujana, somewhere in Temerloh. I would try my hardest to save RM14.90 to buy my fav author books at that time, Christopher Pike. Back then, that amount was expensive. So, whenever I went back for school holiday to my kampung, I'll definitely went to that shop. With always RM15 to buy just one book, each time. I never can afford 2 books per purchase, simply because I did not save that much money..

Then, when I went to university, I started to know 'Kedai Uncle', in Central Market, KL. They sell books as cheap as RM2. They have used books, mostly. But also new books, if you want. I prefer used books, with lower price and sometimes unbelievable price and always, i would find used books with good condition. So, I cant complaint! The shop is simply worth going to.

Other than 'Kedai Uncle', I shop at MPH and Kinokuniya KLCC - they have so many beautiful books, with 'beautiful' price :-( Sadly, my pocket rarely permits me to shop there..

But when I stumbled upon 2 fabulous bookshops with fabulous price, then only I realized RM32 per book is way too expensive to spend. With these 2 heavens, i can always shop for 2 or 3 books with RM32. That's how I value my money! The 2 heavens are none other that the Book Excess Amcorp Mall and Bookalicious Summit USJ (the pictures above). Immediately it became my playground. The books are definitely new and the price is cheap. So cheap that sometimes I ended up buying 20 books per purchase!

And, thanx also to fellow Goodreads members, I started buying books online last year. Due to their experience in online bookshopping, i somehow built my trust on online bookshopping. Worst, i am addicted to it. I shop at, Book Depository (they have free shipping worldwide), Kinokuniya (with only RM8 delivery charge per order) and Acmamall (also free shipping). One thing with online bookshop is, you have compare the prices among them and decide on the lowest one. If you are lucky, you can always find books with good price, lower than our local bookshop. Apart from that, I like the feeling when the books reached you, arrived at your doorstep and you received a box full of books. I would open it and first thing I always do- smell the books. Smell the best smell in the whole world!