Monday, November 2, 2009

ThE ReaSonS

(courtesy to for the georgeous pic)

"things always happened for reasons.." that's what i've always heard.

but to personally see the reasons of each things that happened in our life,
we'll always take our time to understand it.
we are slow to embrace whatever destiny the fate choose for us.
we always stunned when calamity hit us,
we always blamed fate for every heartbroken moment that we suffered,
we always let ourselves drowned in misery and voluntarily sold our soul to emptiness,
we always let our ramblings and unsatisfaction shield our view,
we tend to decline whatever life throw at us simply by using the word 'unfair'
and of all the times, we are lost in our own temper, to see what lies behind each event that took place in our life.

but, as the time goes by, as we see more people,
as we are older, as we faced hurdles after hurdles,
and perhaps as we are wiser,
we'll be able to see the reasons for each and every things that happened in our life.

we'll later learned that there's always price to pay for each thing that we get,
we'll not going to get everything that we wish for,
we'll loose some and we'll win some,
and that we are thankful for those things to happened to us sooner than later.

in the end,
we know that there is life and death,
there is love and hate,
there is good and bad,
there is happiness and sad,
there is always positives and negatives elements balancing our life path until it end
and that every one of us will get our fair share of life.

then only we know,
that our whole life,
is a journey of destiny,
mapped by God and walk by us,
and we will finally see the reason lies behind every single things that happened to us..